Biogas Solutions Uganda Limited (BSUL) is an implementing Partner of the African Biodigester Component (ABC), a 5 year program in Uganda.
BSUL is able to deliver on the promise of clean, reliable and affordable biogas solutions for climate smart agriculture, cooking and lighting, local employment, family health/sanitation and reduced deforestation.


To develop a commercially viable and market-oriented biogas sector by promoting the adoption of domestic biogas technology as an alternative energy source.


To nurture and develop a successful private sector led biogas industry.

How We Work

Biogas Solutions Uganda (BSUL) builds the capacity of Biogas Enterprises (BEs) and is responsible for both demand and supply implementation roles under the ABC Program with support from SNV the lead implementer.

BSUL is the project’s prime contact for bio-digester companies and value chains and co-implement (with other partners) the project strategies (implementation, awareness, gender, prefabricated, appliances, access to finance, OFV and BDS)

What BSUL does

  • Build capacities for BEs in promotion and business development to move towards sector development
  • Train Biogas Enterprises (BEs) in carrying out quality checks to ensure that the bio digester is of quality during and after construction.
  • Train and certify the players in the biogas industry specifically the masons who do the construction.
  • Train BEs and farmers on benefits of bio-slurry as a potent fertilizer to increase crop production, provide animal feed supplement and work as an insect repellant.
  • Ensure quality plants are constructed and supervised to ensure aftersales service is done.
  • Develop quality codes that are adhered to by the sector players.
  • Manage internal calls to support households with biogas information, technical advice and reporting of a faulty plant.